Green Energy Careers

The Green Energy Career Readiness Training Program provides education and experiences for a career in green energy.

This new program offers students the education and experience needed to enter in-demand careers in the green energy workforce. Our training program exposes you to the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in these fields through apprenticeships, workshops, guest lectures, and mentoring that will prepare and support you as you navigate your career.

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We offer three career tracks

  • Stock photo technician are checking fiber optic cable for maintenance 2226596257

    Fiber Optic Cabling Technician Curriculum

    • Through hands-on training workshops, learn the fundamental principles of fiber optic technology and practice fiber optic cabling installation, termination, and testing.

    • Learn industry safety practices, standards, and regulations related to fiber optic cabling.

    • Gain industry certifications, job readiness skills, and career development.

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  • Stock photo solar panel technician with drill installing solar panels on roof on a sunny day 1071423899

    Solar Panel Installer Curriculum

    • Under the guidance of skilled instructors, learn the fundamental concepts, principles, and technologies of solar panel installation, system design, maintenance, and more.

    • Gain information about electricity principles and photovoltaic technology.

    • With the support of skilled instructors, learn how to install solar energy systems in a variety of settings with modules on system sizing, site assessment, analysis, permitting, hardware, and more.

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  • Stock photo battery maintenance technician forklift from hard work factory inspection engineer check on time 1849684534

    Electric Battery Technician Curriculum

    • Learn electric battery technology fundamentals and gain practical experience in electric vehicle battery technology through workshops about maintenance, repair, and diagnostics.

    • With the support of skilled instructors, work with a variety of electric vehicle batteries and diagnostic equipment.

    • Through workshop modules, gain knowledge about industry standards and regulations of vehicle electrification trends, emerging technologies, and management systems.

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Why Choose Green Energy

Green energy careers offers job security, competitive salaries, and opportunities for further career advancement. As New York transitions away from fossil fuels, green energy careers can be the path to financial freedom for many workers for decades to come.


Who will be teaching the courses?

Participants will learn from experienced trainers who have worked for broadband companies such as Verizon and Flume, electric vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla and CATL, and solar companies like SunRun and Tesla. These instructors will be sourced by our partner Maroon Strategist, which provides business and financial consulting services, and will be onsite to train participants.

Is it a full-time or part-time program? How long do the training programs last?

These are part-time programs, with scheduling options available for students who may have other commitments such as work or family responsibilities. The training programs can last between 3-5 weeks or 3-5 months depending on the discipline they are being trained on and the agreement with Osborne Association.

Are there any scholarships, grants, or financial aid options available for students from underserved communities?

Yes. Please fill out the questionnaire and one of our trainers and coaches will give you a call to discuss.

Are there any additional costs for materials, textbooks, or equipment?


Can you provide more information about the job placement assistance services offered?

Osborne Social Ventures will be providing job placement consultants who will be assessing participants before, during and after the training. The job placement consultants will be speaking to job seekers while the classes are being conducted and will ask them to come to the class to recruit on the spot.

Are there partnerships with specific companies or organizations for job placements?

Osborne Social Ventures and our affiliates will be working with Flume Internet, SunRun, and ChargerHelp, as well as others.